FedEx, Self-service, Miles - Inside, Barre

Map Name Category, City
Self-service, FedEx Freight East - Outside Mail and Delivery, Barre
FedEx, Self-service, E F Wall - Inside Mail and Delivery, Barre
Clarks Bostonian Outlet, Manchester Square Footwear, Manchester
Clarks, JCPenney, 99 Bennington Square Footwear, Bennington
Clarks, Super Shoe Store, 121 Northside Drive Footwear, Bennington
Clarks, JCPenney, 282 Berlin Mall Rd Footwear, Berlin
Clarks, Farmway, Inc., 286 Waits River Rd Footwear, Bradford
Clarks, Journey's, Five Burlington Sq Footwear, Burlington
Clarks, JCPenney, 2940 Commerce Rd Footwear, Johnsburg
Clarks, JCPenney, 3 Diamond Run Mall (Rt 7S) Footwear, Rutland
Clarks, Super Shoe Store, 852 US Rte 4E Footwear, Rutland Town
Clarks, JCPenney, 155 Dorset St Footwear, South Burlington
Social Security Office, Merchants Row Government service, Rutland
Social Security Office, Pearl Street Government service, Burlington
Social Security Office, School St Government service, Montpelier

Services: Express
Latest Express drop-off: Mon 5:15 PM
Tue 5:15 PM
Wed 5:15 PM
Thu 5:15 PM
Fri 5:15 PM
Sat No Pickup
Sun No Pickup


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