Massimo Dutti, Dublin - Dundrum Town Center

Phone number: +353 1 2991240
Products: Woman , Man


Joanna // 11 May, 2014:
Good quality leather and blazers and suits. The silk shirts are poorly sewn and may rip. There is a good in-store tailoring service for suits. It is a little expensive but you know if anything goes wrong you will get a replacement. Well, one would hope. The staff are pretty young girls who are generally good at their jobs. Many of whom are spanish, which suits the shop's general atmosphere. On a few occasions there has been a language barrier, but the issue has always been resolved.

One of the managers who worked here before Christmas was patronizing and rude. I saw her grab a member of staff by the arm and tell her to smile or go home. I can't imagine how those staff work with her. She spent most of her time on her phone and observing her staff, and was never available to speak to customers. When I did get to speak with her she didn't seem interested in what I was saying. I have encountered her a few times. She is young and wears a lot of make up and is Spanish. She was pregnant before christmas and I assume she is on maternity leave now. The shop seems calmer without her.

Other managers I have spoken to have all been professional and friendly.

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